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Khushe Sorekh Sharq Agriculture and Industry Company was established in 2015 with the aim of producing barberry concentrate (red ruby) for the food industry, and in 2018, it started building a factory in Qain Industrial City and started its trial production in March 2019. In 2013, with the start of the new barberry harvesting season, it took a step in the field of sustainable production and succeeded in supplying a quality product of this fruit at the level of European standards

Khoosheh Sorkh Shargh Agro Industrial Company

The Only Manufacturer of Barberry Juice Concentrate in Iran

Khoosheh sorkh Shargh agro industrial company with the help of the highest-level hardware technology of Bucher Unipektin Switzerland Company and native research and technical knowledge of our country was successful to be the first and the only manufacturer of barberry juice concentrate in Iran and the world. Production process technology is designed in a way to produce concentrates with minimal changes to maintain all properties and characteristics of the barberry fruit. Other products of the company are concentrates of pomegranate, sour cherry, cherry, grapes and dates under the brand name of khoosheh sorkh shargh that are supplied to domestic and foreign markets, Including Germany, Azerbaijan, Russia, Armenia and South Korea. Barberry juice concentrate is one of the company’s strategic products that has great importance in the food industry such as beverage, dairy and etc .  that is also used for medicinal and health purposes





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Office: Tehran, Shariati St., not far from Quds Square (Tajrish)
Factory: South Khorasan Province, Qain Industrial Town

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